Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On the way to the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

Just rode with Stevil, Mo Rebolledo, and Hams in San Luis Obispo. Not a bad start to the trip.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're still working on it....

If you've been checking back here now and then, you probably think we've abandoned the project.  Oh contraire mon frere (that's French I think).  We were busy building the site for those buttholes over at Soulcraft, but now that it's done, we're diving back into this until it's done.  When?  Hard to say for sure, but sometime in the fall sounds good.  It's gonna be rad!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SSWC09 post script

It's all over now. The dust has settled and the cleanup crew has come and gone. SSWC09 Durango is in the books, and what a spectacle it was. Mixed emotions from the SSBP contingent about what it all means. But you can't read too much into these things. You go, you race (or in this case hike), party, and come home. It's not a summit at the U.N., it's a freak show.
Below we have Lucy with a Scottish lad who was trying to seal the bid to host SSWC10 in Canada. Someone should tell him that at the very first SSWC it was decided that Canada would never be allowed to host.

That's Ron Andrews from King Cage with his new stem top-cap bottle mount. My prayers have been answered. I was getting tired of ramming my nuts into my stem. Now I can ram them into my water bottle.

Curtis Inglis, Paul Price, and Sean Walling were interviewed by a local production crew making a documentary. "Paul, tell us about your Blue Balls....."

That night in front of a bar I spied this bike with its own stand. Cheap frames with blinged out parts kits were the norm at SSWC09. That bodes well for greedy bastards starting a single speed parts website.

Race day saw a lot of this....

Luckily I had good company on the hike up....

Once to the top the course opened up to some nice technical stuff and great views.

The finish looked like the Folsom Street Fair.......Not that I've been....

Chipps from The Outcast and Singletrack Magazine was in top form. He's from England and somehow more tan than me.

Apparently the organizers ran out of money to buy water to have at the finish......

Because they spent it on basketball uniforms.....

The after party was impressive. The French guy trying to host worlds in Italy lost to New Zealand in the "Decider" basketball game. Saw a lot of friends there which is always the best reason to go to a SSWC. If you have any illusions of "competing", stay home. Don't think we'll be making it to New Zealand though. That's a tough language to learn.....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SSWC09 Teaser

I'll post the whole story when I have time. Right now I'm watching Curtis Inglis cram himself into a skin suit.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My 'Stache Has No Irony

We thought the local cops had sent an undercover to check up on us at the local bar. Nope. Just Carl Decker.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If you ride a single speed and nobody sees you, is it still cool?

This man has been riding single speeds (and not being seen, but still being cool) for longer than me, you, and everyone we know. Ladies and gentlemen, Steve P. DFL SSWCO8.